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Emergency Power - When you need power fast

A power failure can be an inconvenience, stop production or in some cases be life threatening; we offer a range of solutions so that you can have peace of mind that in the event of a power failure you can restore your power instantly or within minutes.

Emergency Power Solutions

1) Purchase and install a standby generator, this can restore your power in seconds

2) Hire a generator and connect it to your supply, this is ok but you will need a qualified electrician, the electricity supplier to isolate the system (even if the power has failed), a generator company, transport, cables etc

3) Our Emergency Power Plan is ideal where budget or space constraints do not allow for the purchase of a generator, this plan can provide you with power within a short period of time.

At Standby Power Generation UK with our experience and expertise, we realise that every situation is unique and can tailor a system to your individual requirements and budget.

Emergency Power Plan

For some organisations although they require an emergency power solution, the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining a generator can be prohibitive; for these clients, our “Emergency Power Plan” is a cost-effective way of restoring power within a short period of time.

What we offer is the installation of either a manual or automatic load break change over switch carried out in the following manner.

  1. We determine the size of the generator required to power your establishment and a subsequent area where the generator will be placed when called upon
  2. We then install the load break changeover switch as well as an external connection point close to the place where the generator is to be positioned
  3. Finally at a date and time to suit you the client we isolate the incoming mains supply and feed it through the changeover switch
  4. We will also give you a “Disaster Recovery” contract with one of our generator hire partners who will setup an agreement with you guaranteeing a generator of the required size will be with you in the required time frame.
  5. In the event of a power failure simply call the number provided, this will put into action the delivery to site of the required generator, on arrival the driver will know exactly where and how to position the equipment. He will have with him the correct size load tails which the engineer will connect between the generator and the previously installed connection point using Litton/Veam connectors and power will be restored within minutes.

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