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Hybrid Diesel or Vegetable Oil Generator

The full hybrid generator (HKUB) is comprised of a diesel or vegetable generator and an HPOD with storage capacity and integrated intelligence - from 6 - 25kVA.


Allows you to work on sites where silence is mandatory.

The generator only starts up when the batteries are empty or at peak consumption times. The startup time can be programmed in advance so as not to cause any disturbance.


It reduces the operating hours of the generator which leads to lower costs for both fuel and maintenance. The surplus energy that is is produced is stored in the battery bank and used when it is needed.


The HKUB is reliable and has a longer life span that a standard generator, if there is an outage your power supply is safe and your equipment is protected.


It lowers greenhouse gas emissions by a third and by 90% if you choose the vegetable oil version.


The HKUB manages the energy sources by itself by prioritising the most economical source.

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