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100kVA Generator (100kVA Prime*/110kVA Standby**)

If you require a 100kVA generator made in the UK please

SPGUK 100kVA generators can be made with a Cummins engine.

Perkins engines can also be used in a SPGUK 100kVA generator.

100kVA Generator



Standby: 110kVA/88kW Prime: 100kVA/80kW

Engine: Cummins 6BT5.9G2 Controller: DSE6120

100kVA Generator



Standby: 110kVA/88kW Prime: 100kVA/80kW

Engine: Perkins 1006TG2A Controller: DSE6120

100kVA generators are one SPGUK Generators' most popular products, whether for use in the UK or export. All of our generators are built on-site in the UK. Your 100kVA generator can be customised to your requirements, with the most common choice being the engine type. The most common engine manufacturers we build into our generators are Cummins and Perkins.

SPGUK can install your 100kVA generator, you can find out more HERE.

All generators need servicing to ensure they operate correctly when required. SPGUK can service your generator, click here to find out more.

Generators can be defined in avariety of different ways:

Continuous Power: -The maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a constant electrical load. The average load can be 100%. The generator must not be overloaded.

**Standby Power: -The max power available during a variable electrical power sequence, under the stated operating conditions, for which a generating set is capable of delivering in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hrs of operation per year under average of 70%load. Overloading isn’t permissible.

*Prime Power: -The maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load. Average load should be 70%. The generator can be overloaded 10% for 1 hour per 12 hrs.

A standby 100kVA generator is a backup electrical system that operates automatically, within seconds of an outage. Typically, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) senses the power loss and starts the generator. This can be paired with a UPS system to ensure the output load isn't dropped at all, not even for a second. The standby generator then begins supplying power to the connected equipment. After the mains power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the load back to the mains and the standby 100kVA generator is shut off.

You can find out more information on the engine manufacturers by clicking on the relevant logo. These engine manufacturers are some of the biggest in the world. If you have you require a different engine, SPGUK Generators would be happy to source and built that for you.

If you require a 100kVA generator made in the UK please

100kVA Generator FAQ

1. What is the typical size of a 100kVA Generator?

2,600mm long x 1,100mm wide x 1,700mm high

2. What is the typical mass of a 100kVA Generator?

1,500kg without fuel

3. What is the typical fuel tank capacity of a 100kVA Generator?

180 litres

4. What is the typical run time of a 100kVA Generator?

8 hours full load

5 . What is the typical fuel consumption of a 100kVA Generator?

22 litres of fuel per hour

6 . What is the typical sound attenuation of a 100kVA Generator?

79 dBA at 1 meter and 69 dBA at 7 meters (dBA (A-weighted decibels) is an expression of the relative loudness of sounds as perceived by the ear)

7. What is the standard service interval for 100kVA generator?

1 year or 50 hours runtime

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