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Combined Heat Power (CHP) Generators

Small to Medium Power CHP Generators 

Heat & Power

Produce electricity and power at the same time and without additional costs. Let the motor of the generator produce heat using a heat exchanger.

Autonomous Systems

The heat could power a central heating system or generate hot water for a self sufficiency home, base camp or isolated site. An integrated thermostatic system regulates the temperature of the output.

Reduction of CO² Emissions

Increase your output while lowering the production of CO².

Reduces Costs

Producing electricity and heat in a single machine cuts costs in half!

Our CHP units may be paired with our hybrid solutions to create totally autonomous sites using renewable energies such as the sun, wind or even tidal power.

How it works

This technology recovers the heat released through the operations of the engine of the generator using a water to water heat exchanged.

The kilowatts of heat produced in this way are equivalent to the electric kilowatts generated by the generator. For example for 20kW of electricity, you can generate 20 kW of heat.

Our CHP systems are able to effectively capture and utilise heat energy that would otherwise have been wasted. The heat energy being recaptured is a by product of the electricity generation, which effectively means hot water is generated for free!

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