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Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS)

SPG are proud to have partnered with EURO-DIESEL who  produce diesel rotary UPS (DRUPS) systems; their systems offer an innovative quality power solution and unparalleled service.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS) is a necessity for companies, organisations, institutions or government agencies requiring critical power protection for their daily operations.

EURO-DIESEL's high performing NO-BREAK KS is a system that uses a kinetic energy accumulator as an energy storage device, instead of traditional large lead-acid battery cells.

Placed between the mains and the load, the NO-BREAK KS® systems act as a filtering and conditioning mechanism, ensuring high quality power to the load and continuing the supply for an unlimited period of time in case of an outage.

They range in small power steps from 100 kVA up to 2750 kVA per unit for 50 hz and up to 3000 kVA for 60 hz. For projects requiring large critical loads, the no-bReAK Ks® can be paralleled and designed in Low Voltage or in Medium Voltage configurations up to 33 kV.

Built with the latest technology, the NO-BREAK Ks® DRUPS system has been referenced by companies worldwide since its conception more than 25 years ago.

It is engineered to meet the most stringent level of reliability, highest efficiency, long lifespan and consequently, lowest economical and operational cost.

1. Electromagnetical Clutch (also provides redundant start capacity
The prime starter system consists of standard engine starting devices. This brushless clutch is lubrication-free and maintenance-free, and is the additional feature to ensure a redundant start.
This system also has the possibility of performing a black start.

2. State-of-the-art Diesel Engines
These are no ordinary engines. They comply with the latest emission standards from EPA or TA LUFT and are pre-heated and pre-lubricated to produce quick but soft starts, thereby reducing stress and prolonging lifespan.

3. KS-VISION (user-friendly touch-screen HMI)
Enjoy easy access to the electrical, mechanical and environmental measurements of the NO-BREAK KS (V, Hz °C, etc), statuses, settings controll elements and more. Plus, data is easily accessible via secured internet, LAN to the Building Management System or is simply downloadable to a USB flash drive.

4.Power Panels (switchgears and chokes)
Chokes, together with the synchronous machines, are designed to perform voltage regulation at the downstream busbar and, in addition, filter out harmonics, safely attentuate voltage spikes, decrease voltage harmonics transfer from the mains and also prevent load current harmonics from returning to the mains.

5. 4-Pole Synchronouse Machine
This oversized, brushless and ringless alternator generates a high quality sine war. Thanks to its very low internal impedance, it is able to accept very high short circuit currents (up to 20 x in), allow sudden current peaks and load steps, feed unbalanced loads and provide excellent voltage regulation, harmonics filtering and power factor correction without electronics.

6. Built-in Vibration Dampers
Eliminates vibrations and allows direct installation on the floor.

7. Monobloc (rigid assembly)
The system is delivered completely assembled and ready to connect with no possible misalignment on site. All sections are directly coupled, which makes the NO-BREAK KS extremely robust and easy to handle, install and maintain.

8. Kinetic Energy Accumulator
The outer rotor runs at 3000 rpm or less : low-speed energy accumulator for optimal storing and recovery of kinetic energy. Bearings are unstressed which reduces maintenance and extends lifespan.

9. Brushless Exciter
20 years of proven technology with high reliability and zero maintenance needed.

Simple & Smart Design

The NO-BREAK KS is a pure dynamic system, which means that the UPS power is supplied by a synchronous machine and the system operates without the use of bulky and heavy batteries or large power electronic components.

Conditioning Mode

In Conditioning mode,  when the mains supply is within tolerance, the synchronous machine - combined with the choke coil - acts as a conditioner to filter spikes or transient interferences and to regulate the loads' voltage within tolerance. The system also eliminates micro-cuts, reduces harmonics distortion, improves power factor and allows clearing of short-circuits on downstream feeders. As a result, the system delivers a perfect sine wave to the load at all times.

Independent Mode

In Independent mode, when a voltage perturbation or power failure has occurred, the NO_BREAK KS disconnects the mains supply and takes over the load for as long as needed or until the mains returns.

Why choose a EURO DIESEL Rotary UPS?

  • Easy and Standard Integration
  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • Best Overall Performance
  • Unbeatable Resilience

The Make Up of a NO-BREAK KS System

The NO-BREAK KS is a simple piece of equipment that one might think of it as a conventional generator-site. It is made up of a diesel engine, that is coupled to a stato-alternator, via an electromagnetic clutch. The stato-alternator is the combination of a kinetic energy accumulator and a synchronous machine.

The NO-BREAK KS system also includes chokes in a power panel as well as a control panel with an integrated touch-screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI) called KS-VISION.

DRUPS Product Range

Power Modules (rating per unit)50 Hz 400/415 V60 Hz 380/480 VDescription
NO-BREAK KS®4100-200 kVA120-200 kVACompact UPS systems for small power rating per units
NO-BREAK KS®5200-2000 kVA200-2000 kVAUPS systems for critical loads from small to large power rating units
NO-BREAK KS®5-SB200-2500 kVA200-3000 kVAUPS systems from small to large rating with dual output: load is divided into critical and non- critical parts. The critical loads will be secured at all times while the non-critical loads will experience a short break of only a few seconds during an outage. This eliminates the need for generator-sets.
NO-BREAK KS®7e2250-2750 kVA2250-3000 kVAHigh power density, high efficiency Ups systems for large ratings. NO-BREAK KS® 7e is also available in –SB version. please, consult SPG team for technical data.
SYNCHROSTA®JS300-1500 kVA360-1500 kVAPower conditioning devices with short duration UPS power from small to large ratings per unit.
Standby generator-sets30-3000 kVA30-3000 kVAStandby generator-sets from small to large ratings.


Upon completion of your drups system installation, our engineer will be on site to perform a comprehensive series of tests to ensure that the DRUPS and all the auxiliaries conform to the required specifications as well as the electrical and mechanical norms in practice.

Once the system is commissioned, maintenance and operation manuals will be provided together with the as-built drawings to the end-user.

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