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Get answers to why you might need a generator, which one is right for you, will the generator need maintenance and how does the system work... 

Why do I need a generator?

Generators, ranging in size are used for either, Corporate, Industrial, Public Sector or Home and Small Office use. The generator will be able to provide vital back up power to the home or business if a power outage occurs. This ensures that the business can carry on trading, even if there is a power cut. For a home, it means that you can go about your day to day business without worrying about spending a couple of hours or in some cases days without power. 

Will the generator create a lot of noise?

Yes, generators do make a lot of sound. However SPG UK can design a canopy to fit over any size generator to reduce the sound. SPG UK also offer Acoustics, for example if you would like to have a generator in your basement or in a room, the room could be fitted wih special material called Tenuation which reduces sound. The Tenuation can be fitted around the walls of that room or around the generator. Find out more on about  acoustics.

How can I be sure that the generator can provide my house or a business with enough energy?

Standby Power Generation UK can help you calculate how much energy your home or business needs on a day to day basis, from this we can then calculate which generator would be suitable for your home or business. This will ensure that the generator can provide your business or home with as much energy as it needs.

How are generators looked after?

Depending on the manufacturer, the generator will need to be maintained/serviced when the manufacturer states, especially if the generator is going to be running all of the time, SPG UK can do this all for you. If the generator is a standby generator (Only used when a power outage occurs) then SPG UK will carry out 2 checks within the first year. Take a look at our maintenance page.

Does a generator have to be inside or outside?

Generators can go either inside or outside. Either way the generator will still work to it's highest level. If you want a generator to be outside then a canopy can be made to fit over the top, to protect the generator from the elements. If you would like a generator to be inside then it's a little more complicated, but can still be achieved. Contact us today if you would like a generator to be inside. 

Can I hire a generator?

Yes, you can hire a generator. You can hire small generators for home and business use if you wish. You can hire out a number of generators for a set number of days. You can also hire more than one generator at a time. Contact us today for more information. 

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