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Home Standby Generators

Home standby power generators provide worry-free protection for your family and possessions when the power goes out. Whatever your power requirements or needs we can create a solution to suit your individual needs. Backup solutions are more affordable than ever with small sleek units designed to keep your home running during an outage. House standby generators come in a wide variety of sizes and manufacturers some can be chosen to suit your requirements.

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Home Standby Generator Selection

Our full range of Home Standby Generators is here.

Our Service

We cWe can advise on a suitable solution for your needs, install and maintain your standby system. SPGUK Generators are experts in installing generators for domestic dwellings. We can guide you through everything you need, starting with initial advice and budgetary costs then leading to a detailed site survey. From the information gathered on our visit to you, we can specify correct generator product, from planning all the way through to the installation and long term maintenance.

Domestic Standby Generators

  • Fully Automated and Quick Response - the system starts automatically and powers up your home in seconds after sensing a power outage
  • Fully Automated and Quick Response - the system starts automatically and powers up your home in seconds after sensing a mains power outage
  • Powerful and Reliable Performance - the generators we install provides standby power with durability
  • Compact and Weather Proof - units are enclosed within a Galvanized steel enclosure providing sturdy, full weather protection
  • Powered by Diesel, Propane (bottle gas / LPG) or Natural Gas - hybrid versions are also available on request.
home standby generator

Home Standby Generator Considerations

A house standby generator isn't as simple to install as other backup power solutions, like a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. If you are planning on having one installed you need to consider the following things:

  • Location: Generators should be in a location away from window, doors (due to exhaust fumes) and water sources, with space on both sides for maintenance access. Ideally, the generator would be located in close proximity to the mains incoming supply to the property.
  • Noise: Having a generator installed requires planning, taking into account the noise and fumes emitted from the generator when running.
  • Maintenance: Generators need to regularly maintained, we advise 2 service visits a year (major and inspection service visits). This could more regular depending on how many hours the generator is running. This means there needs to be space clear around the generator for maintenance to take place. It is also advisable to have a maintenance contract to ensure this is done correctly and on schedule.
  • Other restrictions: Some housing estates have their own regulations and restrictions, so your generator will have to be complaint with these as well.

Below are some generators that may be suitable for your domestic standby generator. For guidance on exactly what you need we will need to fully understand your specifications.

Our full range of Home Standby Generators is here.

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