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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Specialists

Standby Power Generation UK Ltd offer a thermal imaging service, specialising in the scanning of both Electrical Switchboards and mechanical equipment to detect high resistance joints on the electrical equipment and imminent failure of moving machinery.

Our core business is mainly centred around the power generation industry however our trained engineers can carry out full thermographic studies of various types of applications producing a report outlining any possible “Hot Spots”. Infrared scanning identifies the transfer of infrared heat radiation from an object and by using infrared thermography, it enables condition monitoring techniques that measures the radiant heat pattern which is emitted from a body, such as electrical switchgear, or plant and equipment indicating the presence of any such fault in that equipment.

We offer the service free in our generator maintenance packages, whilst carrying out the service procedure our engineers will take thermographic data from both the engine and the alternator. We will also carry out a thermographic study on the circuit breaker, cable connections, cables and the changeover panel. We offer a truly pro-active service so that the chance of plant thermal failure is drastically reduced.

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